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3 Tips to Extend Your Conveyor System’s Lifespan

3 Tips to Extend Your Conveyor System’s Lifespan

July 05, 2019

Your conveyor system is most likely a critical part of your plant’s automated processes. It is a large investment, and is crucial to the workings of your business on the whole. Like most electro-mechanical equipment, it is important to have regular maintenance processes in place to ensure your system continues to operate at its optimum level. 


Proper Maintenance is Key to Long-lasting, Healthy Conveyors


You’re probably wondering now what the best way is to go about maintaining your prized conveyor system. At Norpak Handling, we believe in being there for the customer right from the beginning of the process to the end, which is why we supply great preventative maintenance services.


Our mission is to bring you complete solutions, which includes maintenance programs.


Check out these tips on maintenance and how Norpak can help you along the way:

1. Have a maintenance technician on hand

Getting a dedicated staff member to maintain and repair your machinery is vital to the process of maintenance. As part of their job, they will keep records that will chart the health of your conveyor system, allowing for easier repair jobs should something happen. As part of our maintenance program, Norpak can help your technician set up a reliable and organized system to monitor and log your maintenance activities, tracking issues and making for a more holistic, preventative approach to maintenance.

2. Have spare parts available for emergencies

Norpak can help you prepare a list of spare parts needed for each machine. With our knowledge of the conveyor machinery and components that we supply, we can easily identify critical parts that should be kept in stock onsite. Acquiring and re-ordering spare parts is also easier with Norpak, as we stock or have ready access to most of the main conveyor spare parts necessary for your conveyors.

3. Schedule regular maintenance times for your machines

Any machine needs scheduled maintenance in order to catch issues long before they blow up. Common maintenance checks include checking oil levels, inspecting bolts, and monitoring the belt. Depending on the size and brand of your conveyor system, Norpak can help set up maintenance training sessions onsite or at the Hytrol plant to give your maintenance staff more insight into the machines they will be working with.

Our staff at Norpak are happy to help you reduce downtime and ensure the longevity of your machinery. Should you need any kind of assistance, we are always only a phone call away.

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