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Norpak provides conveyor parts, systems, and solutions for all material handling processes. Norpak has the design and application knowledge to provide conveyor solutions to transport, accumulate, separate, sort, palletize, and dispense products.

Our work in the transportation field, for example, includes customizable and unique conveyor parts and systems that are completely dependent on the type of cargo being supplied to different parts of a factory. Special accessories are available to move products faster, reduce the incidence of product jams, and do much more. Each field that we do work in is different to the rest, which is what makes our company the most unique supplier of conveyor parts in the whole of Canada. We work according to the needs of our customers, and prioritize safe, smooth conveyor systems that do what is required and more. Contact us to learn more about the solutions we offer! 

Transportation Transportation
  • Transport conveyors for moving product
  • Conveyor system is dependent on the type of product being handled
  • Conveyor parts and systems for your transportation needs
Accumulation Accumulation
  • Ideal for products that require wait times from one production process to another
  • Cartons accumulated prior to dispatch to a pallet loader to help maximize machine throughput
  • Conveyor parts and systems for your accumulation applications
Singulation Singulation
  • Separates and spaces products before further handling
  • Singulates bulk products
  • Conveyor parts and systems for your singulation applications
Sortation Sortation
  • Handling of sorting product
  • Ideal for many production processes
  • Variety of low rate manual devices to fully automatic high speed systems Norpak offers the broadest range of sortation equipment available in Canada
Palletizing Palletizing
  • Gather and stack products
  • Palletizing conveyor parts and systems
  • Ideal for the preparation of shipment
Robotic Systems Robotic Systems
  • Fully integrated conveyor parts and systems
  • For multi-product applications
  • Automatic accurate sorting and positioning of the product
Pallet Sortation Pallet Sortation
  • Specially designed systems by Norpak
  • Receives and automatically sorts and stores pallets by colour