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4 Ways In Which Modular Conveyors Can Benefit Small Businesses

4 Ways In Which Modular Conveyors Can Benefit Small Businesses

December 09, 2022

Small businesses often face big challenges when it comes to their material handling needs. They don’t have the luxury of large budgets or expansive facilities, which can make it difficult to find the right solution for their needs. One type of conveyor that can be a great fit for small businesses is modular conveyors. In this blog post, 4 ways in which modular conveyors can benefit small businesses will be explored. 


Benefits Of Modular Conveyors


What are modular conveyors?

Modular conveyors are composed of individual modules that can be added or removed as needed, making them highly customizable and versatile. These conveyors are designed to be easily expanded or reconfigured as a business grows. They are also much easier to install than traditional conveyor systems. 


Here are 4 ways they specifically benefit small to medium-sized businesses.


Increase Speed Of Packaging Process

These conveyors are designed to be easily added or removed from the production line, and can thereby help to boost efficiency. It has been proven time and again that assembly lines are the best solutions for such processes, and modular conveyors can aid in this endeavour. 

Reduce Loading/Unloading Time

One of the main benefits of modular conveyors is that they can help reduce loading and unloading time. This is because the conveyors are designed for quick and easy installation, meaning employees won't have to spend hours setting up the system. For instance, installing one at the base of a truck to the desired destination will save tons of labour and time. Hence, one employee can easily load and unload the required packages instead of using an entire group.

Easily Customizable In Operation

For businesses with varying product handling needs, bulky traditional conveyor systems might not be the best option. This is where small businesses can benefit immensely from modular conveyors. First, modular conveyors are easily customizable in operation. This means that they can be easily adapted to changing production needs on the fly. Second, modular conveyors are usually very easy to install and require little to no maintenance. This translates to major cost savings for such businesses. 

Pressure-Free Way To Try Out Automation

Automation is the need of the hour for all businesses, especially material handling operations. However, as mentioned above, installing a conveyor system might be impractical for small businesses at the outset. Instead, trying out modular conveyors offers them a pressure-free way to experiment with automation and adjust the system as needed. One can effectively test out different configurations to find the most efficient layout.

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