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5 Crucial Accessories To Upgrade A Conveyor System

5 Crucial Accessories To Upgrade A Conveyor System

March 23, 2023

A clunky, outdated conveyor system that slows down workflow can be a real source of frustration. Hence, it’s important to upgrade your conveyor machine by investing in some crucial accessories that can boost the performance and efficiency of your equipment. To elaborate further, here are 5 must-have conveyor accessories that can be a game-changer for any material handling operation.


5 Important Conveyor Accessories



A Y-switch allows you to change the direction of the conveyor belt, which can be extremely useful in a variety of situations. For example, if you need to move materials from one side of the factory to the other, a Y-switch can help you do that without having to stop and start the conveyor belt.



A device that helps keep objects moving along a conveyor belt by providing gentle forward pressure. Can be used in conjunction with other accessories, such as roller top covers, to improve product flow and prevent items from getting stuck.


A diverter is a crucial accessory for upgrading a conveyor system. It allows the operator to selectively divert material from one conveyor to another, or even off the conveyor entirely. This can be extremely useful for preventing jams, or for simply routing material to the most efficient part of the system. It is also an important component of quality checks, as it can remove unwanted materials from the conveyor line.

Activated Roller Belt Switch

An activated roller belt switch is quite similar to a diverter. The main difference is that it can divert products from multiple infeed and outfeed lines. Hence, the entire process of diverting and sorting becomes very accurate and efficient with an ARB switch.

Activated Roller Belt Merge

An activated roller belt merge, or ARB merge, is a type of conveyor system accessory that is used to merge two conveyor belts together so that items can be moved from one belt to another without having to stop the belts. This is an ideal solution for facilities that need to move large volumes of product through a production line quickly and efficiently. 

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