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5 Tips For Selecting A Sortation Conveyor

5 Tips For Selecting A Sortation Conveyor

April 14, 2023

A sortation conveyor is an important part of most material handling systems used in warehouses and production operations.  Used to sort products mainly by destination or type, they can improve the efficiency and accuracy of any material handling operation.  However, selecting one for your business can be a complicated task, as there are numerous variables involved.  It is always best to keep your needs at the forefront when determining which sortation conveyor will work best for you.  To help you out, Norpak Handling lists 5 tips to make an informed choice regarding your sortation needs.


1. Identify And Prioritize Your Requirements

Each material handling operation is unique and has its own set of requirements. So the first step in selecting a sortation conveyor is to identify your needs. For instance, do you have spatial constraints? Or perhaps you are transporting materials which need extreme care? Or maybe you have a set budget you cannot exceed. Identifying these factors can go a long way in making a decision. 


Once these factors have been determined, arrange them in the order of highest to lowest priorities. In this manner, you will be clear about your most important requirements for selecting a sortation conveyor.


2. Visualize Your Facilities Layout


Selecting a conveyor for a warehouse requires a detailed look into the footprint of the space. For instance, a conveyor will not take up the entire area of the warehouse floor. Break rooms, other machinery, entry and exit points, and other such facilities will have to be considered. Therefore the sortation system has to leave room for these areas. Understandably, it can be a challenge to visualize this.  Therefore, we suggest doing a blueprint layout with a scaled conveyor added to the drawing.  This visual representation of the facility's footprint will provide a lot of clarity.


3. Have Room For Re-Configuration


Most operations are not constant.  Adding new products, seasonal growth and new destinations are examples of change experienced in most companies' operations. There are several modular conveyor options that will give your sortation system flexible options to reconfigure as needed.  It’s an excellent choice for operations which are scaling up.


4. Factor In Product Type


A sortation conveyor can also vary greatly depending on the product type being handled.  Some forms of sortation might be ill-suited for certain types of containers. For instance, loose items are incompatible with a pusher, but if the parcels are made of cardboard or plastic boxes, then they are a perfect fit for a pusher. 


5. Upgrade Only When Needed


Unlike most machinery, going for the most advanced or fastest sortation conveyor may not be the economically sound choice. Look at your throughput.  It’s normally best to stick to a sortation system which is aligned with your current throughput. This chart breaks down the range of throughput in pieces per minute and pieces per hour.



Range of Throughput      [per Minute]

Range of Throughput

[per Hour]











However, it is important to consider room for future growth in your business.  This can be done by looking at a sortation conveyor which can be upgraded or expanded in the future.


Bonus Tip: Reach Out To Us At Norpak Handling

For the best quality sortation conveyor solutions, please contact us at Norpak Handling. With decades of experience in offering material handling products and services across North America, Norpak Handling has built a reputation for providing quality conveyor equipment and solutions. Norpak Handling is a Hytrol Integration Partner that has been a pioneer in the material handling industry since 1947. Contact our experts today and remove all the guesswork when it comes to selecting a sortation conveyor.

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