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6 Tips To Maintain Your Belt Conveyor And Increase Longevity

6 Tips To Maintain Your Belt Conveyor And Increase Longevity

April 28, 2022

Conveyor belts and systems are a great logistical tool for many businesses, as they aid in transporting goods with efficiency and accuracy. Due to this extreme reliance on conveyor systems, it’s vital to maintain them optimally in order to maximize productivity and avoid any major repairs.


Here are 6 tips that businesses can implement to extend the lifespan of their belt conveyors.


Check Pulley Alignment And Belt Slippage

Pulleys are the major components that drive the belt smoothly, hence it is fundamental to ensure that they are aligned properly. If a belt is not aligned with the pulley, then it will cause uneven tension on one side of the belt, thereby making it wear at a faster rate. Another problem that reduces the lifespan of a belt is slippage, where the torque exceeds the friction between the belt and the pulley causing the belt to slide back a bit. To mitigate this, manufacturers should consider proper pulley alignment and must avoid overloading the conveyor.


Track New Belts Appropriately

When an old, worn-out conveyor belt is replaced by a new one, it’s vital to ensure that it is tracking as effectively as the previous one. In essence, tracking can be defined as the ability to maintain proper control of a conveyor belt on the required path. Thus, businesses should ensure to track the new belt on the system by running it slowly and making appropriate adjustments, as most new belts don’t track as well as the older ones.


Clean And Maintain The Idlers

Idlers are often a neglected part of a conveyor system that can become soiled and worn out over time. Be it lack of proper cleaning, the constant motion of the machine, or the variation in the product loads, it’s possible for the idlers to become misaligned or stop functioning altogether. Consequently, malfunctioning idlers can lead to premature wear and tear in your conveyor belts. Thus, constant maintenance and repair of idlers should be a priority.


Regularly Inspect Bearings

A plethora of small bearings are an integral part of the conveyor system, used in end rollers, drive pulleys, snub rollers as well as take-up rollers. Thus, any repairs in this component can cause undue friction between the belt and the pulley, thereby making them wear out at a faster rate. Hence, make sure to regularly inspect them for excessive noise or residue formation, which are telltale signs of a worn-out bearing. If the bearings have run their course, it’s best to replace the rollers themselves instead of individual bearings.


Keep The Belt And Motor Clean

A simple task that is often overlooked, conveyor belts and motors should also be cleaned thoroughly to avoid the buildup of dust and debris. Regularly inspect and clean the underside of the belts, for any accumulation of contaminants there can result in slippage. Thus, it’s preferable to opt for a system that has belt scrapers or lifters. Similarly, a motor that is filled with dust will eventually choke the fan vents and lead to overheating. Overall, it is simple to avoid major complications by maintaining regular hygiene.


Prioritize Storage Of Spare Parts

In order to reduce downtime, businesses like to have spare conveyor belts in their inventory so that they can be replaced at a moment’s notice. However, improper storage in such facilities can negate the entire purpose. Thus, companies should emphasize properly storing their spare belts. For example, small belts need to be sealed in plastic and protected from moisture and sunlight. Large belts, on the other hand, should be placed on skids to avoid wicking and moisture absorption. Apart from belts, other aspects of the belt conveyors such as motors, pulleys and various rollers should also be stocked on-site to further reduce downtime.


Hence, by following these 6 tips, the odds of increasing your conveyor belt's lifespan grow exponentially.


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