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Accessories to Facilitate Package Stoppage Along a Conveyor Line

Accessories to Facilitate Package Stoppage Along a Conveyor Line

November 19, 2020

Norpak Handling is committed to providing full turn-key, custom solution to our clients seeking conveyor systems and parts. This is why we keep an extensive catalogue of components and accessories to help clients obtain specific functions for their conveying systems.

One of the most highly-sought accessories are package stops and their accompanying components. 


Hytrol is one of the key manufacturers that we work with. They are a leading designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge conveyor systems and accessories. We have a highly varied stock of Hytrol products designed to facilitate the stoppage of products on conveying lines, listed below: 


Package Stops:

Hytrol manufactures a number of different package stop types for conveyor systems.

  • Dead Type – the dead type package stop can be simply placed on the bed section of the gravity wheels and 1 3/8in. roller conveyors. They come in four different widths: 9”, 12”, 15”, and 21”, and they utilize 12 ga. Steel. 

  • Angle End Stop – Angle end stops mount to the end of conveyors, by bolting them to the top flange of the conveyor channels. They are used to stop boxes and cartons, and are available in all standard conveyor widths.

  • Terminating End Stop – these types of stops mount to the ends of conveyors in order to stop cartons and boxes. They can be bolted to the top flange of conveyor channels and are available in all standard conveyor widths.

  • Raised End Roller Stop – this kind of stop can be mounted at the end or on any desired location along the conveying line. They feature steel angle brackets and are meant to be bolted to the top flange of a conveyor channel. They have a 150 lbs. live load capacity at 65 fpm.


Foot Operated Stops:

in addition to the package stop types mentioned above, Hytrol also manufactures foot-operated stops. A foot-operated lever helps to raise or lower stops. These are best used in applications that require manual line control such as assembly work stations, shipping areas, and more. These stops are typically mounted to the underside of conveyor systems. 


Air (Pneumatic) Operated Stops:

These types of stops can either be plate or roller stops. They can either be controlled by a push button, or they can be automatically operated by way of a photo sensor. This is a better option for applications that benefit from automated processes. These stops can be mounted to the underside of conveyors. 


The above are just some examples of the components and accessories we carry in our inventory for package stoppage purposes. As a longtime distributor of Hytrol products in Canada, you can count on us at Norpak to provide you with the best support for your conveyor systems. Whatever your needs are, you can rest assured that our team is committed to providing you with complete solutions. Contact us today for more in-depth information!


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