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Brief Look At EZLogic Control System For Conveyors

Brief Look At EZLogic Control System For Conveyors

December 14, 2023

Specializations in a conveyor machine are nothing new. Many different types of conveyors have specific features catered towards a particular application. An accumulation conveyor is one such type. Responsible for safely pausing and accumulating goods, this is primarily made possible due to a technology known as the EZLogic Accumulation System. This system will be explored in detail below.

What Is The EZLogic Accumulation System?

The system primarily comprises an EZLogic zone controller, a compact device that uses photoelectric sensors. This sensor detects when a product enters its field of vision, and is paired with a microprocessor to understand the different input signals. Lastly, the whole system has sophisticated control connections to accurately transmit data across different zones of the conveyor.

Functionality Of EZLogic Controller

There are two primary modes of operation of an EZLogic controller:

Singulation: This is the standard mode of operation of the controller. It allows the conveyor to separate products by maintaining a standard distance between them.

Slug Release: In this mode, the controller reduces/adjusts the distance between two consecutive products/cartons to increase or decrease the throughput of a particular operation.

Apart from these primary modes of operation, it also has a few additional features:

- Sleep Feature: This enables the controller to stop the conveyor operation of a particular zone if a product is not detected for a particular period.

- Jam Protection: During the slug release phase, if a product is detected by the EZLogic system for a stipulated period, it sends a signal upstream to begin accumulation. Once the product starts moving again and the jam is cleared, the controller will signal the conveyor to resume normal operations.

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