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Conveying Solutions for Pharmaceutical Applications

Conveying Solutions for Pharmaceutical Applications

June 07, 2021

With a global pandemic continuing to fundamentally change the world, the pharmaceutical industry is more important than ever to help keep the world running. It is a crucial industry that needs to ensure health supply chains are well-stocked and that Canadians can always access key pharmaceutical products. Just as the pharmaceutical industry is crucial to society, so are conveyors for their manufacturing processes.

Conveyors ensure packaging and shipping processes in pharmaceutical facilities are efficient and safe, guaranteeing productivity and minimizing downtimes and human errors.


Here are some important considerations to keep in mind when it comes to conveyors for pharmaceutical manufacturing applications:


Conveyor manufacturers design systems that are specific to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. These systems are easier to clean and are able to properly support smaller products. Generally speaking, pharmaceutical centers prefer working with conveyors that utilize plastic belts and chains that run on aluminum or powder-coated steel for that extra support and safety factor.


  • Plastic chain conveyors can be designed in narrow widths and fitted with adjustable side railings to offer higher levels of stability for bottles or cases carrying bottles in and around pill dispensers.
  • Plastic belt conveyors offer additional stability thanks to the surface of the belt providing additional friction for oddly-shaped products. They can also be integrated into small spaces around key equipment.

The main advantages of these kinds of systems are their low noise levels, longer lifespans, fewer issues with product orientation, consistent product integrity and position, and easy tracking of products. In addition, you can get these conveyor systems in inclines, declines, and spirals to accommodate the specific space needs of your facility. Make sure to consult with your conveyor solutions provider on your space needs before deciding on a specific conveyor configuration.

Sortation is a key process required in pharmaceutical industries. Sorters are needed for both empty or filled products, the latter in the case of transporting polybags or cartons for completed orders for shipping to stores or directly to customers. Norpak Handling sources our sorters from manufacturers who promise accuracy in sorting, utilizing the latest technologies and control systems that come with key checking and confirmation abilities.

When it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, packaging and shipping are key operations needed for the industry to function. The right conveyor systems can go a long way. Norpak Handling is a top conveyor solutions provider to all kinds of businesses throughout Canada, making sure to tailor our services and solutions to specific clients and industries. Get in touch today to learn more about our conveyor solutions.

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