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Expert Advice on Implementing Your Conveyor Systems

Expert Advice on Implementing Your Conveyor Systems

November 30, 2020

Material handling systems are a necessity for many different kinds of industries. It is vital to not only select the right kind of conveyor system, but also to implement it in your facility properly. When investing in a new system, the ultimate goal should always be to maximize durability, increase productivity, reduce expenses, and minimize downtime. The experts at Norpak Handling can provide some advice as to how to achieve proper conveyor system implementation.


Asking the Right Questions

Before even selecting your new conveyor system, you should ask yourself some key questions first:


1. What is the product that needs to be transported?

Make sure you have a clear idea of the products that need to be conveyed. Take note of their sizes and weights, as well as how they are packaged. Are your products all uniform in size, shape, and surface? What is the material of your product and does the product contain liquid? These are all important factors to consider before making your decision.


2. What are the expectations for capabilities, productivity, etc?

Have a vision of what you need your conveyor system to achieve. How much floor space do you have, and how much do you want to free up? What are your expectations for storage capacity, or the manual labour involved? Certain conveyor options can provide for much more automated operations. Do you need to minimize maintenance and/or energy costs? Make sure you convey these preferences to your conveyor supplier.


3. What is the working environment like?

Be honest about your workplace’s ability to accommodate certain types of conveyors. Depending on the kind of environment, certain conveyor types will be more suitable than others. The presence of dust or dirt, the potential for liquid spillage, as well as the frequency of foot or vehicle traffic will all factor into the kind of conveyor you ultimately choose. Carefully assess the safety boundaries of your facility before selecting something like an overhead system, for instance.


4. What is the next course of action after purchase?

Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of implementation is the post-purchase action plan. Think about what you will be doing in terms of training your staff to use the new system. Think about whether or not you will have a maintenance schedule, and who you will go to for such services. These are all factors that must be considered so that you can have a smooth-sailing conveyor system implementation.

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