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Gappers: An Essential Component of Sortation Conveyor Systems

Gappers: An Essential Component of Sortation Conveyor Systems

May 27, 2019


Gapping belt induction conveyors, also known as gappers or metering belts, are essential components of any sortation system.



A gapper consists of a slider bed with two separate belts that run at different speeds. This accessory serves to create space between individual products on conveyor belts to allow sortation processes to be executed more efficiently and accurately. Gappers provide more room and time for other operations to be performed as well, such as printing and applying labels, barcode reading and package weighing. There are two types of gappers: blow through gappers and gap optimization gappers. Here’s a breakdown of each type.


Blow Through Gappers

This is the simpler and more economical option for gapping in conveyor belts. Blow through gapper belts run at a fixed speeds to suit the required ratio to provide the necessary gap between the packages.  As such, this type of gapper works best for conveyor systems that are meant to handle similar-sized packages.


Gap Optimization Gappers

This is the ideal type of gapper for maximizing throughput of packages that vary in size and weight. Gap optimization gappers have sensors placed along their length to maintain consistent gap distances. An optimizer re-adjusts the speed at which the gapper is running according to information provided by the sensors. The gap optimization gapper is more expensive than the blow through gapper, but is worth the investment for systems with more complex sortation processes.


Hytrol’s New Gappers

Earlier this month, Hytrol introduced two new gapper products to the market: Gapper D and Gapper O. Gapper D is a new blow through gapper that utilizes direct gap ratios and features a one-piece design, auto belt tracking, precision bearings and a spring tension take-up indicator. All of these improvements are meant to reduce a conveyor’s down time, facilitate belt tension correction and reduce noise and vibration. Gapper O is a new gap optimization gapper that shares the same features as Gapper D while also providing optimization of gap distances between materials on conveyor belts.


At Norpak Handling, we supply quality conveyor systems and accessories to maximize efficiency and productivity in facility operations involving the handling of materials. We are dedicated to providing our customers with value-engineered conveyor systems and solutions, and we have built a reputation for doing so since our establishment in 1988. We specialize in systems integrations to address any type of issue or perform any type of material handling application. Contact us today for conveyor systems and components, such as conveyor belts!


We are an authorized Hytrol integration partner. For more information on this topic, read their articles about gapper basics and their new products, Gapper D and Gapper O.

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