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How to Maintain Conveyor Belts

How to Maintain Conveyor Belts

November 29, 2016

How to Maintain Conveyor Belts

A well-structured conveyor system has rollers and other parts connected to the conveyor belt. The number of belts depends on the use and application of the system, with more advanced systems having more conveyor belts. For effective use and elongated service life, conveyor belts should be well maintained. This articles describes the core care and maintenance required when working with a conveyor system.


Lubrication of moving parts: Most conveyor systems are based on rollers or chain bearings. These among other moving parts require regular lubrication aimed at reducing the amount of friction. By having the parts well lubricated, the chain pull energy requirement is kept low leading to improved efficiency.


Regular cleaning after use: Like most other industrial machines and equipment, conveyor systems require regular cleaning. This might mean wiping off fluids such as acids and alkalis spilt on the belts or that powder on the loading bay. When kept clean, conveyor belts retain their effective working friction levels low leading to improved efficiency. With the improved efficiency, the conveyor systems are guaranteed to have a longer service life and lower chances of mechanical breakdown.


Tightening loose parts and replacing broken ones: The parts of a conveyor system may become lose over time or get worn out in the normal course of use. The lose parts should be tightened and the broken ones, especially the O-rings in the drive train be replaced with suitable ones. When properly replaced, the belt should be effectively

restored to their perfect working condition with its service life being highly improved.


Working with conveyor belt systems require specialist care, especially when reducing the number of technical breakdowns is a priority and improving the service life is required. For the swiftest reinstatement of conveyor systems that have broken down, advanced technical expertise is required and most be executed as the need arises. At Norpak Handling, we specialize in ensuring that your conveyor belts are well serviced and maintained for the best results.


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