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Importance Of Conveyor Systems In E-commerce Order Fulfilment

Importance Of Conveyor Systems In E-commerce Order Fulfilment

July 07, 2022

Since the advent of the global pandemic, e-commerce and other order fulfilment sectors have seen a surge in demand. Many large corporations have risen to the challenge and comfortably accommodated the new production capacity. 


Small and medium-sized companies too can remain relevant with the aid of conveyor systems. The function of a conveyor system is a lot more complicated than transporting products from one place to another. They are also utilized for merging, sortation, accumulation, material handling and more. With such versatile functioning, here’s how these conveyors can help organizations achieve their order fulfilment goals. 



Role of conveyors in order fulfilment.



Speed Of Operation


For most e-commerce operations, the basic procedure is similar. The goods that must be shipped are transported through a facility to the takeaway line, at the end of which trucks and other vehicles carry them across the country. Conveyor systems can handle hundreds if not thousands of such packages, and swiftly move them across a facility. This efficient and automated mode of transportation not only speeds up the process but also helps companies reach their order fulfilment goals.


Improved Efficiency 


Apart from speed and capacity, efficient transportation is also assessed by accuracy. The products being transported through the facility need to reach the correct takeaway line so that they can be shipped to the desired destination. This can be achieved with the help of a sorter. Some fine examples are the shoe sorter and the belted pivot wheel sorter, which can both be integrated with the conveyor system. The former uses aluminum slats with attached shoes, and can gently push packages onto a different line, ensuring greater throughput and hassle-free transportation. In the case of the latter, two pivoted wheels are mounted at the infeed and exit of the conveyor system, thereby switching the product line and sending it to the correct destination. 


Our Range Of Conveyors


With a clearer understanding of using conveyor systems for order fulfillment, here are a few products offered by Norpak Handling, in integration with brands like Hytrol and FMH, that are best suited for this purpose.


Formed Slider Bed - Heavy Duty:

Robust conveyor designed for long transportation and packaging operations. 


Medium Duty (V-Belt)-190-ACC:

This conveyor is known for its simplistic design, easy calibration and features a standard underside drive.


Flat Belt Driven - Medium Duty- ABLR:

Designed for medium and heavy loads, this reversible conveyor is used in both manufacturing and distribution.


24VDC Live Roller- 190-E24EZ:

Functions without drive belts, line shafts or chains, making it easy to maintain. Allows zero pressure accumulation of goods. 


Medium-Duty Flat Belt-ABEZ:

A horizontal line roller conveyor, model ABEZ features easy accumulation without line pressure buildup and the ability to remove products from any location.


High-Speed Sortation- ProSort 122 & 132:

Both conveyors use aluminum slats in a diagonal position to sort products onto the takeaway line.


ProSort SC1 & SC2 - Horizontal Belt Sortation:

These belt-driven sortation conveyor systems use two twin pivoting wheels to accurately divert the package to the correct takeaway line.


MaxxReach Telescopic:

Suited for loading and unloading operations. Can move large volume loads with a load-bearing capacity of 50 lbs/ft.


Bestflex 1.5:

Built for high-performance, this conveyor can handle thousands of packages in a day, thanks to its heavy-duty casters that come equipped with brakes and 1.5” diameter steel rollers.


To know more about the different conveyor systems that can boost your business operations, reach out to us at Norpak Handling. We have been providing businesses throughout Canada with top-of-the-line conveyor belts and conveyor equipment for decades. Get in touch with our Systems Applications Engineers today to learn more about how we can craft tailormade material handling solutions specific to your business requirements.

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