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Introducing the new Hytrol Slider Bed Curve Conveyor!

Introducing the new Hytrol Slider Bed Curve Conveyor!

September 05, 2019

Hytrol Conveyor Company never ceases to amaze with their constant innovations in the conveying industry. Their new Slider Bed Curve Conveyor, also known as the SBC, shows off Hytrol’s unbeatable engineering and keen understanding of material handling solutions.

The SBC is belt-driven with tapered pulleys, allowing for the transport of products when their orientation and placement on the conveyor have to be maintained. It is capable of making 45, 60, and 90-degree turns. This versatility that it offers enables it to handle a wide variety of products and makes it one of the most efficient conveyor systems on the market.


Having gone through the rigorous testing procedures at Hytrol, the SBC has demonstrated outstanding operating efficiency.


It possesses spring-loaded bearing guides for quicker belt changes as well as a full-length, transparent visibility window that greatly improves interaction with the conveyor system.

Many crucial components of the conveyor have been laser cut to ensure maximum precision and operational smoothness. The SBC also comes available in nine belt widths, giving you the variety you need for all sorts of applications.

Hytrol engineering along with Norpak integration means first-rate support. With that said, Hytrol conveyor systems are always designed to be durable and easier to maintain. With precise bearing guide locations and sealed, self-aligning bearings, you can be assured that the SBC maximizes on efficiency while minimizing the need for meticulous or troublesome processes that reduce downtime. Furthermore, the SBC has an endless splice belt, meaning it provides consistency in operations, and is also much quieter than other conveyor types.

Norpak Handling is a leading Canadian conveyor equipment and systems solution provider, specializing in complete project integration services including maintenance and project management. As a Hytrol Integration Partner, we are a leading Canadian distributor of Hytrol products, providing unbeatable service and support to customers including installation, maintenance, and parts supply. Get in touch today to find a material handling solution that is just right for you!

Exciting new addition!
Posted by: Alice | September 18, 2019, 10:48 am
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