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Magnetic Conveyors: Working, Advantages And Applications

Magnetic Conveyors: Working, Advantages And Applications

January 06, 2023

Magnetic conveyors are a versatile form of material handling equipment that can be used for a wide range of purposes. These conveyor machines are based on the principle of magnetic repulsion and attraction, which allows them to move items along a single track with minimal effort. Magnetic conveyors also offer several advantages over traditional methods such as a belt or chain-based systems, including greater reliability and cost savings. Its working, merits and some applications will be explored in detail in this blog.


How Do Magnetic Conveyors Work?


Magnetic conveyors utilize a permanent magnet to create a magnetic field. The magnetic field then attracts ferrous materials to the conveyor belt. Ferrous materials are attracted to the permanent magnet while non-ferrous materials are not affected by the magnetic field and continue on their way. This creates a tight adherence to the surface for ferrous materials, making it highly unlikely to slip or slide on the conveyor. 

What Are The Benefits Of Magnetic Conveyors?

Magnetic conveyors are one of the most efficient ways to move ferrous materials in an industrial setting. They are often used to transport heavy loads or to convey materials over long distances. Here are some distinct advantages of magnetic conveyors: 

- The main advantage of magnetic conveyors is that they are very efficient. They can move large amounts of material quickly and easily. 

- Another advantage of magnetic conveyors is that they are very safe. These conveyors do not have any moving parts that could potentially injure workers. Additionally, magnetic fields are not harmful to humans or animals.

- Magnetic conveyors also require little maintenance and can operate in both indoor and outdoor settings. 


Magnetic conveyors are used in a wide variety of industries for many different purposes. Some common applications for magnetic conveyors include:

-Material handling in assembly and packaging lines

-Sorting and separating ferrous materials from non-ferrous materials

-Transferring material between two points without contact between the conveyor and the product being conveyed, often used for fragile or delicate products.

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