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Motorized Roller Driven Conveyor or E24 Powered — Which Should You Choose?

Motorized Roller Driven Conveyor or E24 Powered — Which Should You Choose?

July 25, 2017

Hytrol E24, 24V powered live roller conveyors are some of the most frequently specified conveyors now available. The design offers a number of advantages over DC powered motorized roller systems. Whether it is versatility, reliability, or simply ease of maintenance, Hytrol E24 conveyors outshine all of the competition.

Why Choose the E24 Powered Live Roller Conveyors?


A motorized roller is simply that, a conveyor roller into which a motor and gearbox has been placed to cause the roller tube to rotate. It is only designed to be a drive roller within a live roller conveyor tread. By contrast, an E24 drive is a motor used to power zones of a live roller conveyor or portions of a meter belt or ancillary assemblies such as pop up transfers or swivel wheel diverters.

Fewer Moving Parts

All motorized roller drives have a number of moving parts ranging from the actual motor itself to some method of gearing required to turn the roller housing. An E24 drive motor on the other hand has just one rotating part — the motor rotor supported by its bearings. This leads to reduced wear and tear and a significantly lower failure rate.

Motor Position

All E24 motors are identical throughout a system whether powering a conveyor tread or driving an ancillary device. With motorized roller drives, separate drive assemblies are required for each width of conveyor. The motor incorporated into a motorized roller must be small to fit within the roller tube. Heat build up leading to internal component damage is a significant problem whereas an E24 motor, installed in the open air and with its larger diameter promoting heat dissipation, avoids this problem.

Life Expectancy

E24 motors have a quoted life expectancy of 125,000 hours. This is in direct contrast to 20,000 hours, the average lifetime of a motorized roller conveyor system.


Cost efficiency is a high priority in any manufacturing, warehousing, sortation or distribution operation using live roller conveyor. The overall efficiency of E24 powered conveyors will always beat the competition by a wide margin whether it is in enhanced durability, ease of maintenance or longer designed life cycle.

Thanks for the information. The E24 is definitely where my money's at.
Posted by: Jonathan | August 21, 2017, 9:49 am
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