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Norpak Handling: Helping Get the Most out of Your Hytrol Conveyors

Norpak Handling: Helping Get the Most out of Your Hytrol Conveyors

October 21, 2019

Here’s a little exercise, imagine your production facility without its conveyor system, Hytrol or otherwise. Not worth thinking about, right? The point of this was to highlight the importance they play in your day-to-day operations and your business’s success.


It is, however, not far from the truth that many production lines find themselves subject to periods of downtime where they are essentially conveyor-less.


While Hytrol conveyors are designed with a hands-off approach and convenience in mind, they - much akin to all machines with moving components - are contingent on having a disciplined maintenance plan.   


Follow these protocols when it comes to the upkeep of your Hytrol conveyor and we promise they’ll be reliable for years to come:


Hytrol Spare Parts

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. A quote most ascribed to Benjamin Franklin, and conveniently ringing true to this day for conveyor systems.


This doesn’t have to be a longwinded endeavour. Here are four simple steps that can go a long way towards minimising a conveyor’s downtime:


1. List the parts that will have to be replaced

2. Have a stock of Hytrol spare parts that require longer lead times

3. Know who to purchase Hytrol spare parts from when needed

4. Reorder any stocked parts upon their usage


While you’re here, in order to make things exceedingly streamlined for yourself then you should utilise the channels Norpak has in place for each of the steps surrounding Hytrol spare parts!


Our offices in Ontario and BC are prime locations to provide you with the Hytrol spare parts you need. Having trouble gathering lead times to better identify which parts to stock and which parts to order? Norpak have the experience and know-how to guide you or, if need be, we’re happy to visit your facility to assess your needs – an invaluable option for many customers.


Preventative Maintenance

We’re all familiar with this phrase, but many don’t take the time to instil this within their work culture. If our vehicles are maintained to such standards then surely the same should go for our expensive conveyor equipment.


What all does preventative maintenance for conveyors entail? This encompasses the checking of aspects such as oil levels, bolt inspection, belt integrity, drive chain lubrication, gearmotor noise, and so on, all to be conducted at a frequency suitable to the intensity of your facility i.e. daily, monthly, annually, etc.


Use Norpak Handling as Your Hub

You may not know where to begin, and that’s where we come in at Norpak. Let’s say, for example, that you are in possession of a Hytrol system for your facility in Alberta. You could then reach out to our office in Delta, BC to send one of our service technicians to come on-site and outline a bespoke preventative maintenance program for your facility. Not only that, we also provide training for your staff on the proper handling procedures and operation of your Hytrol system, minimising your susceptibility to human-error.


Norpak Handling is a leading Canadian conveyor equipment and systems solution provider, specializing in complete project integration services including maintenance and project management.

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