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Product Spotlight: ProLogix Sortation Control

Product Spotlight: ProLogix Sortation Control

February 05, 2021

Norpak Handling has decades of experience as one of the most renowned suppliers of material handling solutions and conveyor systems to companies all over Canada.


One of the reasons Norpak has maintained such a reputation is due to our partnerships with leading conveyor system manufacturers worldwide, such as Hytrol. 


Over the decades, Hytrol has built a reputation for itself as a leading innovator when it comes to conveyor systems, accessories, controls, and services. Their contributions to the material handling industry are significant, with products that have fundamentally improved the operations of facilities worldwide. 


In today’s blog, we will be talking about the ProLogix Sortation Control package. It is just one of the many control systems offered by Hytrol that allow for better and more efficient automation. As its name suggests, it can be used to control Hytrol sortation equipment.



The ProLogix system has been tested and proven in a wide variety of sortation applications, from manufacturing to distribution. It is primarily used to automatically sort products into the correct sortation lane. Due to its automated nature, it provides consistent and hands-free monitoring, pushing for optimal performance. 


The ProLogix works with Hytrol's ProSort 100, ProSort 200, ProSort 400, ProSort SC, ViperSort, and other models of sortation equipment. It can be seamlessly integrated into these systems, providing standalone control for any individual sorter. On top of that, the ProLogix is able to accept information from other devices such as PLCs, barcode scanners, or computers in order to work hand-in-hand with existing systems. 


One of its key features is that it is able to track products until they are diverted, and then send confirmation of the divert back to the system. It also controls the infeed area, all devices on the sorter, divert verification, and lane full detection on single or double-sided sorters.



  • Simple setup and calibration;   
  • Ability to confirm proper gaps between products;   
  • Works together with scanner or host computer;   
  • Tracks products dependably;   
  • Confirms diverts and notifies host;   
  • Detects full lane and lane jams;   
  • Interactive screens;   
  • Built-in diagnostics; 
  • Remote assistance available via modems;

The ProLogix has been designed to optimize automation, and in doing so, greatly reduces the work of the operator. It is easy to work with and install, reducing the need for constant monitoring as well as human error. 


Norpak Handling is proud to be the integration partner for Hytrol in Canada. Hytrol conveyor systems have brought immense value to our clients, and we are happy to be able to provide all the installation, maintenance, implementation, and repair services for these conveyor systems.


For more information Hytrol products, give us at Norpak Handling a call!


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