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Product Spotlight: The Aftersort TL2 Rigid Two Stage Truck Loader

Product Spotlight: The Aftersort TL2 Rigid Two Stage Truck Loader

August 06, 2020

Conveyor solutions are all about versatility – for a conveying system to provide optimal functionality, different components and conveyors need to come together to address the many different material handling needs a warehouse or manufacturing plant may have. For instance, some facilities require solutions that target truck loading in an efficient, automatic way.


For applications like these, truck loaders can provide the best bang for your buck.


The Aftersort Rigid Two Stage Truck Loader, also known as the TL2 Extendible Telescoping Conveyor, is perfect for use in large warehouses. It is built to withstand a high degree of forklift traffic and potential collisions, thanks to its 10-inch thick structural steel channel framework. It contains few moving parts, making it steadier and sturdier. Thus, this product is well known for its low maintenance needs.


The design of the Aftersort truck loader mainly addresses the core issues of durability and reliability. As truck loading is quite an intense operation, Aftersort manufacturers have implemented various design and engineering decisions to boost its lifespan and productivity.


Here are just some of the design elements the Aftersort truck loader has:


  • Integrated guard rails that help reduce potential damage to products being conveyed
  • Powered drive system that improves the ergonomics of moving the conveyor in and out of trucks or trailers
  • Two-stage design that helps reduce overall space needed
  • Safety bumper bars with auto reverse capabilities
  • Manual steering arms for enhanced control
  • Wheel guards for the tires
  • Recessed control switches to mitigate potential damage
  • Galvanized rollers set low in the frame to create integral product guides


These design features allow the Aftersort truck loader to boast a longer lifespan of over 20 years, provided there is proper maintenance. Furthermore, it has a relatively low initial investment cost, making it one of the most budget-friendly options for truck loaders out there.


When acquiring an Aftersort truck loader for your facility, make sure you take into consideration these factors below to help you decide on the right length and size of the product:


  1. Products being conveyed
  2. Size of the trucks or trailers being loaded
  3. Whether or not there will be any pallets
  4. The kind of dock leveler to be used
  5. The slope or grade of the docking area
  6. How much space is needed between the loader and the dock door
  7. How much storage space you have available
  8. Whether or not you have the required power available


Call Norpak Handling to inquire about this machine and one of our sales representatives will be happy to consult with you regarding your needs.


As you can see, the Aftersort truck loader is a highly versatile and durable conveying solution for truck loading. At Norpak Handling, we supply various conveying solutions to help you implement holistic material handling operations at your facility. Visit our website today to learn more about our products and services.


Check out the Aftersort in action below:



Check out the brochure here.

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