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Role Of Multi-Strand Chain Conveyors In Pallet Handling

Role Of Multi-Strand Chain Conveyors In Pallet Handling

August 31, 2022

Multi-strand chain conveyors are an integral part of many industries, used to transport heavy unit loads with different bases such as pallets and slabs. The importance of these conveyors, their benefits, and a few models will be examined below.


Chain conveyors in pallet handling


What is a multi-strand chain conveyor?

In essence, a multi-strand chain conveyor uses two to three parallel chains that are pulled across rails, which act as a support structure for the chains. They are used to transport pallets and unit loads on a horizontal plane, where the chains are used to carry the load.

In most cases, if the base of the unit load is robust and structurally sound, then two chains are enough to convey it. However, if this is not the case, then a third chain can be incorporated in the center to better support the pallet/slab/base of the load.

Apart from the stability of the base and the width between the chains, the height and length of the load also play a crucial role in determining a multi-strand chain conveyor’s operation. For instance, in pallets with interlocked patterns, if the height of the load exceeds its length, then the speed and acceleration of the conveyor need to be recalibrated. 

What are its benefits in pallet handling?

Here are a few benefits of single and multi-strand drag chain conveyors in pallet handling applications:

  • Drag chain conveyors can easily transport heavy, palletized loads.

  • Multi-strand variants can also handle uneven pallet surfaces and bases that don’t convey well on rollers.

  • These conveyors can be used to change the direction of heavy unit loads. Any pallet moving on a roller conveyor can also be transferred straight ahead or at a perpendicular angle with the aid of a multi-strand chain conveyor.

  • The principle direction of motion is also reversible, which, when combined with its low maintenance features, makes it a necessity in handling heavy unit loads.

  • Multiple chains can be added to better support heavier loads with unstable or uneven bases, making them versatile by design.

Our multi-strand drag chain models-

To know more about multi-strand drag chain conveyors, here is a look at 2 categories of Hytrol models offered by Norpak Handling:

Drag chain conveyors for transport:

There are 4 primary models in this category: DC-62, DC-63, DC-82, and DC-83. Here are their salient features:

  • Designed to transport heavy pallet loads with a maximum weight of 6000lbs, they typically feature two or three strands.  

  • The only difference between the models is the size of the chains. While DC-62 and 63 feature #60 single conveyor chains, models 82 and 83 have heavier #80 single conveyor chains.

Drag chain conveyors for accumulation:

  • This segment also features the same 4 models, with the added advantage of EZLogic Zone Controllers. 

  • DCEZ-62, DCEZ-63, DCEZ-82, and DCEZ-83 use the above-mentioned controllers to accumulate heavy pallets at high speed with zero back pressure. This ensures that the pallets don’t collide with each other while transportation. 

  • Ideal for fragile packages or loads, this technology also facilities minimal human intervention, as the controlled accumulation and release of the pallets is automated. 


Thus, multi-strand drag chain conveyors are extremely important for handling complex pallet operations and unit loads with bases that are both parallel and perpendicular to the chains.

Norpak Handling has provided businesses throughout Canada with top-of-the-line conveyor systems and products for decades. Specializing in customized material handling solutions, you can get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can boost your business operations with our innovative equipment and skills.

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