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Selecting the Right Type of Pallet Conveyor

Selecting the Right Type of Pallet Conveyor

April 14, 2020

In any manufacturing facility or warehouse, a pallet conveyor can serve an important and necessary function in transporting products. Businesses that work with large products or large quantities of products require pallets to help them organize and manage that load. As such, pallet conveyors are needed to help them handle those pallets along their conveyor system. One of the most common applications of pallet handling is the transportation of pallets stably and efficiently in and out of the warehouse for outbound shipping.


With the right specifications and customization, pallet conveyors can increase the flexibility and productivity of your production line while reducing the total costs of your daily operations. With that said, there are different types of this specific conveyor and as such it is important that you choose the right one for your applications.


Here are some of the most common types of this conveyor for you to consider:


Gravity Roller Conveyor

This type of conveyor uses gravity to keep an unpowered series of rollers in motion, which thereby transport the pallet along the track. This gravity conveyor system is commonly pitched slightly to provide the needed space for the free spinning of the pallet. The type of products being transported and application for the conveyor determine the amount of pitch required, but it usually comes at around ½ to 1 inch per one-foot length.


Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor

This conveyor type is perfect for transporting drums, tires, fully loaded pallets, and other heavy items. CDLR pallet conveyors are very durable and can operate in the toughest working environments. This conveyor can be configured to various lengths and widths, and even the space in between the rollers can be modified to suit the specific requirements of your application.


Drag Chain Conveyor

A drag chain pallet conveyor is also called a multi-strand conveyor as it uses parallel strands of roller chains to move products. Rails are used to support the chains and the item being conveyed sits on top of those chains. This conveyor type is a good option for when minimal starting and stopping is needed.


The last two types of conveyor can benefit even further from Hytrol EZLogic technology, which can provide them with accumulation abilities. The EZLogic zone controller allows the conveyor operator to create zone-length gaps between products, as well as slug release so that higher carton throughput can be achieved by minimizing the gaps between the cases. Indeed, pallet conveying systems benefit from the inclusion of different components that help them be more versatile and functional. For instance, turntables are used to help rotate unit loads whenever a conveying line changes direction or intersects with another line. There are also transfer modules or plates. Like their name suggests, they are used to help products transfer from one line to another.  


Whatever your application may be, you can rest assured that Norpak Handling has the conveying solution for your needs. Get in touch with one of our sales representatives today to learn more about the products and services we offer!


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