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Tech Overview: How Hytrol's ProLogix Enables Efficient Sortation

Tech Overview: How Hytrol's ProLogix Enables Efficient Sortation

January 06, 2022

Sortation capabilities are vital for a wide variety of warehouse applications, enabling the organized and efficient flow of products through a facility. Nowadays, sortation applications are almost all conducted on an automated basis, reducing labour costs and the risks of human error. Most modern conveyors make use of multiple types of sortation equipment.

As such, it is important for operators to have a unified control system that enables them to have oversight over all the sortation operations.

Hytrol is a leading manufacturer of conveyor solutions, providing technology innovations that upgrade conveyor capabilities across the board. One such solution is their ProLogix software, a system for controlling sortation systems for all Hytrol products.

As a North American Integration Partner of Hytrol, Norpak Handling is well-positioned with a diverse inventory and key expertise, distributing such game-changing Hytrol products to clients all over Canada.

Today, let’s dive into the capabilities of the ProLogix control system and why it is vital for any conveyor system.


What is ProLogix?


The ProLogix control system provides automatic sortation of products on a conveyor line, but with upgraded and seamless capabilities that place it in a class above other sortation controls. For instance, the ProLogix is designed to quickly accept, interpret and execute on information received from other devices used in sortation applications, such as barcode scanners. This makes it a major value-added component to any existing sorting system.

Another major feature of the ProLogix is its ability to accurately track products until they are diverted and then send confirmation of the diversion back to the system. This capability is vital for inventory tracking and bringing more cohesion to your operations. This is the sort of attention to detail that is overlooked in many automated systems, bringing further value to businesses by enabling them to act fast whenever snags are encountered on a conveyor line. The ProLogix can also confirm proper gaps between products to help prevent buildup or product damage. 

Furthermore, ProLogix can also control the in-feed area of a conveyor line, helping operators to control congestion or boost throughput. It is a centralized system for all your sortation needs, being able to control all aspects and devices on the sorter, assisting with functions such as lane full detection and more.

To enable easy operation and more seamless automation, the ProLogix sortation package comes with advanced touchscreens that are designed for quick setups. Hytrol takes a user-friendly approach in all its designs, ensuring that the operation configuration process is as simple as possible. Operators need only answer a few simple questions and enter the right measurements for the system to quickly figure out the right configurations.

One key advantage of the ProLogix is also its ability to monitor itself. Its touchscreens will display crucial operation information every day, allowing supervisors to keep track of their conveyors’ performance and schedule necessary maintenance procedures well in advance. For facilities that run larger scale conveyor operations, this is a great benefit that will allow businesses to keep their equipment and machinery in the best shape. Everything about the ProLogix is designed with the user’s convenience in mind–it even has remote assistance capabilities available through the use of modems.

Norpak Handling highly recommends the use of this control package for any conveyor system that utilizes automated sortation controls. You will be able to greatly reduce the amount of labour needed and benefit from the systems’ highly automated and user-friendly installation and operation procedures.

For all the top Hytrol conveyor products, Norpak Handling is the business to count on in Canada. Through our partnerships and reliable distribution system, Norpak Handling has brought immense value to our clients across the country. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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