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The Best Conveyor System for Heavy Loads

The Best Conveyor System for Heavy Loads

August 14, 2018

Apart from belt conveyors, the roller conveyor is also a standard material handling technology great for moving heavy weights. They are built to handle and transport heavier loads than belt conveyors and solid packages or containers with flat, rigid bases.

A wide range of roller types let you select the roller conveyor system that matches your production needs. Better still, you can employ various speeds and stop functions in just a single conveying line.


Roller conveyors come in different types, straight or curved lines. Also, the drive design can be chosen to best suit your specific application and floorplan, and can be designed as driven or gravity roller conveyors. Similar to other conveying systems, roller conveyors are comprised of standard modules, and their configuration is based on item profile as well, making them easy to integrate into your production area.

What determines the roller pitch needed on your system is the load size. This is where customized conveyor systems become so crucial to your application.

In the event that you require a conveyor which can carry heavy loads of more than 50 kg, you are looking at the right solution with Norpak’s roller conveyors. We build conveyors that are suited to meet your weight requirements. We have experience catering to a number of industries and our experts can help you finalize your roller conveyors.

What drives them are among the most durable material available, giving your system a longer lifespan both on the conveyor technology and its parts. We have plenty of products and components which are compatible with our roller conveyors.

They are the great solution for various applications such as drum, pallet, heavy weights handling and so on. Our experts can also help your enterprise decide which additional modules you can include to carry out a desired function.

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