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Types of Conveyor Belts

Types of Conveyor Belts

September 16, 2016

There are different types of belt conveyers available and in use today. These include both general purpose and specialty belts that can be used in different applications today. A critical point to note is that a conveyor system is as good as the belt used on it. More effective systems have more effective conveyor belts, and vice versa. In this article, different types of belt conveyors are discussed.


Plastic belting and chain conveyor: These are light-weight, highly durable and wear resistant belts available for use in different applications. The most common applications of these belts are in areas where rust and wear resistance is highly encouraged such as the food production and processing, pharmaceutical, packaging and manufacturing industries among others.


Hinge metal belted conveyor: This is a hinged metal conveyor belt that integrates both machined chip and scrap removal processes. The belts of this caliber are highly durable and highly recommended for use in advanced industries requiring specialty handling of heavy products as well as those operating in a high temperature environment.


Woven wire belted conveyor: These are high and low temperature conveyor belts whose use is highly recommended in areas where rapid drying is required. Common application of the belts are in washing, blanching, cooking, baking, dewatering, pasturing and freezing among others.


Flat wire belt conveyor: These are belted conveyors made purely from wire mesh. With the high level of aeration presented in the belt, the conveyor is suitable for use in the food industry, especially drying of food.


When you have the right belt for the right job, it becomes easier to achieve your targets and goals than when you have the wrong belt. Once acquired, the belt can be cleaned, maintained and replaced as may be necessary. It is in this understanding that Norpak manufactures, stocks and distributes high quality belt conveyor systems and accessories for use in diverse fields.           



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