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Your Guide to Food-Grade Conveyor Systems

Your Guide to Food-Grade Conveyor Systems

February 05, 2020

When it comes to the production of food, sanitation is of tantamount importance. Nowadays, factories are able to produce foodstuff in mass thanks to different production technologies that have to work together perfectly, the most important of which is conveyor technology. Indeed, the ability to transport, or convey, ingredients, products, and packaging all throughout the factory floor is what is at the heart of the modern principle of the assembly line.


In order for a system to be suitable for food production, it should meet several requirements:


1. Sanitation

Conveying technologies meant for food production are always designed with cleanliness in mind. This means the system is optimized for easy and quick cleaning thanks to a more minimalistic design, easier to clean materials, and easily-removable parts, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.


A good example is the Hydroclean Sanitary Conveyor, designed to suit the most sensitive and hygienic applications in the food industry and beyond. The Hydroclean conveyor features a stainless steel body and NSF-approved MicroPoly solid lubricant that is sealed for life and then covered.


2. Lifespan and Investment

Considering the fact that a food production business is a significant investment, it is important that your machinery and entire production line is built to last. You should also take into account the maintenance and operating costs. As such, it is vital to opt for only the best quality in machinery, and that includes your conveying system. This is probably why stainless steel conveyors are so popular, thanks to their durability, strength, and ease of maintenance.


On top of that, you want to make sure that your system is flexible and adaptable. The Hydroclean Sanitary Conveyor, for instance, features V-Guided Belts to ensure positive tracking in most environments. In addition, Norpak Handling also carries crucial accessories for this product, including FDA and USDA-approved antimicrobial belting.


3. Support and Service

The availability of services and support after the initial sale is much more important than many people think. It is not enough to simply purchase a high-quality conveying system – a relationship between customer and supplier is necessary in order to ensure the longevity of the system for the years to come. This not only speaks to easier access to original parts and accessories, but also access to expertise and knowledge of all kinds of systems that can immensely benefit businesses.


Not only that, the availability of top-notch repair and maintenance services from a supplier that truly understands the system and your business means you can rest easy, knowing that you have access to professionals who will do everything they can to reduce your downtime.


When it comes to conveying technologies, Norpak Handling is at the forefront of the game. We supply original conveying products and parts to businesses all over Canada, as well as provide a range of services so that customers stay up to date with maintenance and repairs. Call us today for more information on our products and services.

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