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3 Advanced Conveyors for an Upgraded System

3 Advanced Conveyors for an Upgraded System

January 25, 2022

The New Year is a great time to reassess your existing conveyor systems and how they can be improved. Indeed, facilities have to constantly evolve their capabilities, especially in this current climate where e-commerce efficiency and supercharged delivery abilities are ever more important. 


By upgrading your systems consistently, you can ensure that you will be able to keep up with evolving consumer demands and keep pace with competitors. The right conveyor product can drastically optimize your operations and add to your bottom line. 



Today, we run down the year’s highest-performing conveyors and how they can benefit your system.



1. Hytrol DCEZ-62 and 82 Pallet Conveyors 


The Hytrol DCEZ-62 and DCEZ-82 are two-strand roller conveyors that handle pallets. The numerical values refer to the sizes of the chain strands, with the DCEZ-62 using C2060 chains and sprockets and the DCEZ-82 using C2080 chains and sprockets. They have advanced accumulating abilities thanks to EZLogic Zone Control technology, which helps them accumulate pallets with zero pressure and at high speeds, even when working with fragile or irregular packages. The conveyor also utilizes EZLogic Accumulation and EZDrive technology. Thanks to these software systems, this conveyor has the following features:


  • The ability to sense product presence automatically and start or stop zone drives
  • Automated accumulation and release without the need for pneumatic logic components
  • Zone stop functions that allow any zone to be transformed into a workstation 
  • Dynamic zone allocation capabilities that automatically adjust zone length based on product dimensions 
  • Automatic loading and unloading zone features that can delay zones when needed 


2. Aftersort TL2 Rigid Two-Stage Truck Loader


The Aftersort Rigid Two-Stage Truck Loader is also known as the TL2 Extendible Telescoping Conveyor. An incredibly durable and versatile truck loader, this is the perfect addon to any thriving conveyor system. Over the past two years, many warehouses will have expanded in size in order to keep up with order demand. Thankfully, this truck loader is designed to work perfectly in large warehouses, built to hold its own among a high degree of forklift traffic and potential collisions. Here are some of its design features:


  • 10-inch thick structural steel channel framework
  • Few moving parts, reducing the need for maintenance and the potential for breakdowns
  • Integrated guard rails to reduce potential damage to products 
  • Powered drive system that makes moving the conveyor in and out of trailers more efficient and smooth
  • Safety bumper bars with auto-reverse capabilities
  • Recessed control switches to mitigate potential damage


3. Ambaflex Spiral Conveyor


Spiral conveyors are a great way to get products to a lower level without sacrificing much floor space. Vertical conveyors can also achieve this, but spiral conveyors have an extra advantage in that they are capable of achieving a much higher throughput thanks to their continuous operations. 

The Ambaflex Down Going Spiral Conveyor is part of Ambaflex’s SpiralVeyor series. Their products are unique in their ability to provide vertical transportation as well as product accumulation all in one conveyor solution. The Ambaflex spiral conveyor can be used for either inclines or declines, unlike gravity spiral conveyors which can only be used for declines. 


These three products feature high levels of optimization for specific needs, and as such are great candidates for businesses looking to upgrade their conveyor systems. Instead of heading into the conveyor game blind, you should consult with experts in order to get the best tailor-made solutions for your needs. The representatives at Norpak Handling have decades of experience in this, with partnerships with leading conveyor manufacturers around the world to bring you only the best products.  

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