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3 Best Conveying Solutions For The Manufacturing Sector

3 Best Conveying Solutions For The Manufacturing Sector

May 31, 2023

The manufacturing sector is a fast-growing industry which requires numerous technological solutions. Conveyor systems are also an integral part of this system. However, when it comes to optimizing a conveyor system for a particular application, the options are endless. Therefore, as a general guideline, here are the 3 best-conveying solutions which can help manufacturing operations.

Conveying Solutions For Manufacturing

Transport Conveyors

Transport conveyors can be broadly classified in three ways, belt conveyors, live roller conveyors and drag chain conveyors. 

Belt conveyors help in transporting materials and handling their loads. They are primarily used in inventory management and packaging. They are accessorized at times with steel slider pans and conveyor rollers to restrict horsepower.

A live roller conveyor is an ideal choice if the material being transported is somewhat rigid such as plastic cartons, metal sheets, or pallets that require no additional support.

Heavy-duty drag chain conveyor is another alternative that finds use in pallet handling either for loading or storage.

Accumulation Conveyors

Accumulating features are becoming the norm in the manufacturing sector, as it allows for the sorting of materials without risking collision. Essentially, they can stop products in the conveyor for inspection or sortation, leaving a uniform gap between subsequent products. A great example of this is the zero-pressure accumulation conveyor, which is often used in labelling applications. 


Lastly, to create an efficient conveyor machine for manufacturing, it is important to add a few accessories. The nature of accessories can vary significantly for each operation, but some standard examples are transfer devices and lift and rotate devices. Thus, the conveyors act as a base and the accessories help improve its functionality.

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