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Live Roller Conveyors

Norpak carries an extensive variety of live roller conveyors. The main function of these types of rollers is to power other stationary rollers by driving the chosen down the production line, but can easily be used for other applications as well.

Live roller conveyors differ from other types because they are built to handle heavier loads. If you need conveyors that can carry heavy objects in excess of 50kg, you’re looking at the right product in Norpak’s live roller conveyors. We build our products to meet your requirements, meaning the conveyor will match your weight requirements regardless of how high they are. The belts that drive our live rollers are among the most durable in the business too, which means that you will see longer lifetimes for the conveyor and its parts.

We carry many components and products that are compatible with our live rollers, our experts and technicians will be able to guide you on which types you can add on. These additional products can be used to carry out a specific desired function. Our live roller conveyors and systems are the ideal solution for many applications and processes including pallet, drum, heavy load handling and more.

Norpak also has a range of components to add to the standard live roller conveyor system, including parts for repairs and maintenance of accessories. We are a full service provider, which means you can rely on us to design, build, install, and maintain your live roller conveyors for as long as you want us to.

Our selection of products offers flexibility, durability, and ease of the flow of production. Norpak carries a large variety of live roller conveyors that will suit your specific production needs. Please feel free to contact us for further assistance with our live roller conveyors. We’re always here to talk to you!