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System Accessories

Our system accessories are additional components for your material handling system. These accessories can add a specific desired function to your Norpak system and are suitable for most applications.

At Norpak, we supply our customers with the best in class conveyor equipment and systems, but we don’t stop there. Our business also supplies high-end accessories to go with the conveyor equipment and complete the system. Many manufacturing industries require these accessories to turn their system from a basic movement mechanism into a more complex system that allows for sorting, switching, transferring, and more.

The conveyor equipment we have in stock, as well as our specialized accessories, allow for exactly this. For example, we have specialized diverters that can move products into a different conveyor lane as required. These diverters prevent damage to products that are being shifted to a different lane as well as doing so automatically in order to reduce and eliminate errors that would usually be an issue when performing the same task manually.

We don’t just have diverters at Norpak either – we stock everything else including mergers and switches. Merging products on a belt can be a complicated task because of potential line jams and weight issues. The mergers from Norpak’s selection get rid of this risk and many others too.

The full range of system accessories we offer for conveyor equipment and systems is a diverse one that has many variants and versions. For the most part, though, Norpak has the policy of providing any accessory that is needed in record time. If you want a special accessory that you don’t see in our stocks, you can still contact us to get a custom solution designed and manufactured to your specific needs.

Please feel free to contact us for further assistance with our system accessories, or for help creating your very own!