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Telescopic Belt Conveyors

MaxxReach telescopic conveyors are known for their high level of productivity and efficiency. Ideal for large volumes of shipping and receiving applications, the MaxxReach is an excellent solution for your loading and unloading needs. The MaxxReach conveyors feature a VFD controlled belt drive system providing smooth transitions from belt starts and stops at speeds up to 120 DPM. They also have VFD controlled extension drives which help make operations smoother when extending and retracting the conveyor.



  • Load capacity 50 lbs/ft
  • Maximum live load at any given time: 4000 lbs
  • 2-Ply PVC Belt
  • 3HP belt drive
  • 60FPM – 120FPM belt speeds
  • 45 FPM extension speed
  • 1HP gear motor for extension with friction clutch
  • One piece formed side pressings
  • Operator controls – In/Out, Start/Stop, E-stop, Lights, ESB, Debris Tray
  • Belt & E-stop status & interlocks
  • Emergency stops at control panels
  • UHMW stage gap filler
  • Extension stop bar on final stage
  • Audible alarm



  • Variable belt speeds available with VFD controls
  • Photo eye flow control
  • Indexing
  • Localized electrical system design with any standard voltage
  • Transition rollers at site end of the conveyor
  • Widths: 18”/24”/30”/36”
  • Length extended: 14-95’



  • Herringbone Transition
  • Man-rider platform
  • Raised belt transfer
  • Traverse system
  • Direct or pole mounted fan
  • Articulating snout
  • Telescopic ventilation tubes
  • Swivel boom
  • Hydraulic tilt
  • Auto-loader
  • Fused electrical disconnect


Available options:


Robotic Loader


MR3-2580-24 Swivel