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Flexible and Extendible Power Roller Conveyors

Our flexible and extendible power roller conveyors are suited for distributions centres, packaging, shipping/receiving and for many other production applications. Our conveyors incorporate features like adjustable height, adjustable line speeds, and durable materials for an efficient product. Norpak is a trusted distributer of high quality powered flexible conveyors, ensuring that your facility can run smoothly.

These units feature:

  • Heavy duty precision bearings
  • Power switches on both ends
  • Self-tracking
  • Adjustable height
  • Heavy duty steel square tubing powder coated legs
  • Durable DC drive motors with 120V A/C
  • Handles on each end of the units
  • Less storage space when fully retracted
  • Can service multiple docking doors
  • Any package size can be moved any distance at variable rates of speed



  • Load capacity 100 lbs/ft
  • Widths: 18”, 24”, 30:, 36”
  • Length extended: 12’ and up
  • Axle center: 3”, 4”, 5”



  • Optional "PowerTrax" cart to power the extension/retraction of long conveyor lengths