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O-Ring Transfer

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O-Ring Transfers are used to move products at right angles to adjacent or parallel conveyor lines. An air bag actuator lifts the transfer mechanism while powered O-Rings transfer the product. Linear bearings are used to guide transfer as it is raised and lowered. Can be used with Models 138 and 190-NSP/NSPEZ line shaft conveyors.


O-ring Tranfer Features:

  • CAPACITY–75 lbs. maximum unit load
  • TRANSFER O-RING–3/8” dia. polyurethane o-ring
  • TRANSFER SPEED–Not to exceed speed of conveyor
  • DRIVE–Transfer is driven from line shaft of conveyor
  • Maximum of 4 transfers per drive
  • MOUNTING–Mounted in 36 in. long section of 138-NSP, 190-NSP, 138-NSPEZ, 190-NSPEZ with 3 and 4 in. roller centers