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Reversing O-Ring Transfer / CT-200

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Reversing O-Ring Transfers are used to move products at right angles to adjacent or parallel conveyor lines. An air bag actuator lifts the transfer mechanism while powered O-Rings transfer the product. Linear bearings are useed to guide transfer as it is raised and lowered. Air cylinders operate reversing mechansism to reverse transfer flow. Can be used with Models 138 and 190 NSP/NSPEZ line shaft conveyors.


Model CT200 Features:

  • CAPACITY – 75 lbs. maximum unit load
  • TRANSFER O-RING – 3/8 in. dia. polyurethane o-ring
  • TRANSFER SPEED – Not to exceed speed of conveyor
  • DRIVE – Transfer is driven from 230/460/3/60, 1/2 HP shaft-mounted gearmotor
  • ELECTRICAL CONTROLS – Not furnished as standard equipment.