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3 Critical Aspects Of Conveyor Longevity

3 Critical Aspects Of Conveyor Longevity

August 14, 2023

A conveyor system is essential to run a successful material handling operation. Apart from quality and design, another key part of running a material handling operation is maintaining and even enhancing the longevity of a conveyor. There are 3 primary ways to do so. These 3 tips/aspects will be explored in detail in this blog.

3 Tips To Ensure Conveyor Longevity

Have A Maintenance Crew At Hand

In most material handling operations, a conveyor runs pretty much non-stop. As a result, it is inevitable to face some wear and tear over the year, leading to significant downtime, and consequently, loss of time and capital. However, having a maintenance technician or team at hand will significantly reduce the down time. The team can swiftly handle any repairs so the operations can resume smoothly.

Have A Repository Of Spare Parts

Apart from keeping a repair crew, it is fundamental to have the right components and parts to ensure a swift repair. By having a few key components within the facility, it will be easy for the crew to access them and perform the required updates during emergencies.

Have Scheduled Maintenance 

To minimize the need for part replacements and repairs, ensure that the conveyor machines undergo scheduled maintenance. Prepare a timeline for different components of the conveyor, so that they can be examined regularly and tuned up. This will significantly reduce emergencies in any material handling operations. 

Therefore, by follwing these 3 tips, it is possible to optimize the life of a conveyor system.

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