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4 Types Of Effective Conveyor Rollers

4 Types Of Effective Conveyor Rollers

August 08, 2023

Conveyor rollers are effective components of a conveyor system designed for handling heavy loads and smooth transportation. However, not all conveyor rollers are created equal. According to functionality, environment and the type of material being transported, the type of roller can vary significantly. To elaborate further, here are 4 types of effective rollers used in most conveyor systems.

Classification Of Conveyor Rollers

Coated Conveyor Roller

As the name suggests, these type of conveyor rollers are coated with a layer of plastic and rubber. Their purpose is to offer more grip to the material being transported to prevent slipping or damage. This type of roller conveyor is commonly used in printing or paper industry. 

Gravity Conveyor Roller

These non-powered rollers function solely on the basis of gravity. Efficient in design and conserving energy, they are made to handle carton, boxes and oddly shaped materials that aren’t fragile.

Motorized Conveyor Roller

These type or rollers come with a motorized control drum that enables them to vary their speed, thereby modifying the speed of the material being transported. Therefore, these devices are excellent in creating sortation zones and are a staple in production lines where automated roller conveyors are required.

Free-Spinning Conveyor Roller

Designed to reduce friction during material handling, these conveyor rollers are equipped with bearings. This gives them the ability to spin or rotate freely. Therefore, they can offer excellent support during operation while keeping friction to a minimum which can wear out regular conveyor rollers.

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