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3 Important Questions To Ask During Conveyor Installation

3 Important Questions To Ask During Conveyor Installation

June 08, 2023

Conveyors are an excellent material handling solution used in a plethora of industries right from parcel and manufacturing to the food and beverage industry and more. While there is an emphasis on optimizing a conveyor system for maximum throughput, the installation is the most important process, as a poorly installed conveyor machine can really impact the output of an operation. To ensure this first step is done right, here are 3 questions you need to ask yourself and your system integrator today.

Questions To Ask During Conveyor Set Up

1. Is The Conveyor Installed Straight?

Be it a belt conveyor or a belt-driven roller conveyor, it is necessary to make sure it is perfectly straight. Otherwise, it can result in belt damage, leading to repairs and increased downtime in the long run. So how to make sure the belt conveyor is installed straight? One prominent way is to use a laser to establish a clear straight line, so any deviations can be immediately observed and addressed.


2. How To Avoid Conveyor Mistracking?

Mistracking is a major issue for conveyors. It either manifests as belt mistracking or product mistracking, the first damaging the belt and the second damaging the product. The best way to avoid this is to ensure that the conveyor is square. This can be done by drawing two diagonals along the surface of the conveyor so that they meet at the center. For the conveyor to be square, both the diagonals should be equal in area.


3. Has Your Systems Integrator Worked On Something Like This Before?

Your conveyor manufacturer and supplier should have some experience in dealing with particular cases such as yours. This reference instills a lot of confidence in the skill and capability of a systems integrator. 


To know more about conveyor machines and how they can contribute to the effective functioning of a conveyor system, reach out to us at Norpak Handling. We have been providing businesses throughout Canada with top-of-the-line conveyors and equipment for decades. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can craft highly customized material-handling solutions specific to your requirements.

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