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6 Basic Parameters Of A Conveyor Roller

6 Basic Parameters Of A Conveyor Roller

February 01, 2024

When it comes to conveyors, there is a wide range to choose from, such as roller conveyors, conveyor belts, chain conveyors, and more. Of the three, roller conveyors are a staple in most moderate to heavy-duty operations due to low friction and improved ability to handle loads. The most important constituent of this conveyor is the conveyor roller. Here is a deeper look at the conveyor roller to better understand its function.

Deconstructing The Conveyor Roller


The diameter of a conveyor roller plays a major part in transporting any load. For larger and heavier products, the industry standard is around 1.9’’, but for smaller products, it can be as small as 1.4’’.

Thickness Of The Roller Shell

This is the outer layer of the conveyor roller protecting it from abrasions and small damages. It generally has a thickness of 12-16 gauge, depending on applications.


While the material is steel in most cases, its finishing can vary depending on specific requirements. For instance, the conveyor rollers can be made of galvanized steel or even zinc or chrome plated for more robust applications. 

Surface Coating

Since rollers have a low coefficient of friction, there might be a requirement to increase the friction between the roller and the bottom of the package for better grip. This is done by applying a layer of coating on the surface. In this context, one can opt for Teflon, urethane, or spray paint coating.

Noise Reduction

Since the rollers are mounted on a shaft, there is massive noise production without the right measures in place. Most conveyor rollers come equipped with a spring-loaded hex shaft, which, combined with the bearings, effectively reduces the noise production of the conveyor.


Of course, a roller can never be straight, but its curvature can be manipulated to suit a particular application. 

To know more about other types of conveyors and customized material handling solutions, reach out to us at Norpak Handling. We will be happy to provide extensive consultations in order to ensure you choose the best conveyor system for your particular operations.

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