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4 Ideal Applications For Aluminum Frame Plastic Chain Conveyor

4 Ideal Applications For Aluminum Frame Plastic Chain Conveyor

January 29, 2024

Among the numerous conveyors available in the market, plastic chain conveyors have gained popularity in recent times. Known for its modular design, flexibility, and easy maintenance, these conveyors have become a staple in numerous industries. A subset among these, namely the aluminum frame plastic chain conveyor is even more specialized for a few select applications. 4 such applications are explored in the blog below.

Applications Of Aluminum Plastic Chain Conveyor

Pharmaceutical Sector

A high level of hygiene and flexibility becomes paramount in this sector, especially when it comes to packaging prescription medication. With an aluminum frame plastic chain conveyor, it becomes easy to clean and maintain them. Furthermore, with their modular design, they are perfect for transportation on both horizontal and vertical planes. 

Automotive Sector

Not only can these conveyors handle fragile goods like medicine bottles, but they can also handle robust industrial equipment prevalent in the automotive sector such as bearings, palletized products, or harnesses. This is made possible due to the light but sturdy aluminum frame, making it easy to assemble and reconfigure as required.

Food Packaging

Just like pharmaceuticals, food packaging too has a major emphasis on hygiene. With easy-to-wash aluminum elements, these conveyors are the best choice for simple, hassle-free maintenance. And just like the pharmaceutical sector, their modular design gives manufacturers the freedom to reconfigure the conveyor system to transport different products.

Personal Care

Personal care products mostly come in bottles, making them fragile. Due to the above-mentioned features of modularity and cleanliness, these conveyors fit the profile here as well. Moreover, their compact design is also ideal for small products designed in the personal care sector.

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