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4 Benefits Of Cleated Conveyors

4 Benefits Of Cleated Conveyors

September 29, 2023

There are numerous types of conveyor systems available today. While conveyor rollers and belts are the most prominent choices, there are some specialized conveyors for particular applications, such as cleated conveyors. In this blog, Norpak Handling, a manufacturer of conveyor machines in Canada, explains the basic workings of cleated conveyors and why are they advantageous for certain operations. 

What Is A Cleated Conveyor?

As the name suggests, cleated conveyors comprise cleats or raised sections that are equidistantly spaced from each other and run along the entire length of the conveyor. The main purpose of these cleats is to offer support to the objects being transported. Of course, their application is rather niche, which will be addressed in another blog. 

Advantages Of Cleated Conveyors

1. Easy Transportation Across Inclines Or Curves

Inclines or curves pose a challenge for many material handling operations wherein the friction between the load and the conveyor surface is low. This can lead to skidding or even falling off the track. However, cleated conveyors offer the much-needed support to safely transport oddly-shaped objects through inclines and sharp curves.

2. Improved Safety

As the conveyor prevents the slipping or falling of objects, it makes the warehouse floor much safer for the workers and technicians. 

3. Easily Customizable

When pertaining to cleats, these conveyors are simple to customize. The height, width, and material of the cleats can be changed to suit a particular application, thus ensuring maximum productivity.

4. Robust And Durable

Generally made of PVC or other similar materials, these cleats make the conveyors very durable. They can withstand corrosive materials and the wear and tear of continuous operation for years. It also directly translates to reduced downtime, improved efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Looking to optimize your conveyor roller, conveyor belt, or material handling system? Reach out to us at Norpak Handling, a manufacturer of conveyor rollers in Canada.  With decades of experience in offering material handling products and services across North America, Norpak Handling has built a reputation for providing quality conveyor machines and solutions. Contact our experts today and remove all the guesswork when it comes to selecting a sortation conveyor.

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