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4 Conveying Problems To Avoid In A Distribution Center

4 Conveying Problems To Avoid In A Distribution Center

February 22, 2024

A distribution center is the backbone of any company handling a large flow of products. The high flow rate is managed by the implementation of various conveyor systems such as roller conveyors, belt conveyors, and more. Cartons are one of the most prevalent goods in a distribution center. However, these establishments face a major problem when the products don’t come in a single file and clump together. In this blog, Norpak Handling lays out 4 major problems that can arise due to this situation that can be avoided by singulation.

Conveying Troubles Due To Lack Of Singulation

Scanners Unable To Process The Cartons

If two cartons come side by side on a roller conveyor/belt conveyor, the scanner will not be able to process them, as it is designed to handle one carton at a time. Therefore, these cartons will be sent to the recirculation line. This means the same cartons will have to be sorted once again, significantly bringing down efficiency and throughput.

Scanner Inaccurately Processes The Cartons

A worse outcome than recirculation, scanners sometimes read only one label on one of the cartons and lump the two or more cartons together as a single product. Therefore, instead of recirculation, all cartons go to the same destination, thereby leading to shipping errors and bringing down the reputation of a company.

The Conveyor System Gets Clogged

Even before the scanners can create problems along the roller conveyor line, having wide cartons side-by-side can easily clog up the conveyor path. This means that products following them will accumulate instead of moving forward smoothly, requiring intervention. 

Gaps In The Line Will Lead To Recirculation

Lastly, this configuration will lead to gaps in the line, which will once again lead to recirculation and adversely impact the throughput.

Singulators Can Resolve These Issues

Although the best way is to prevent these issues altogether, using an accessory like a singulator can help break these cartons into a single file again. However, it may not be effective in every situation, and furthermore, lead to occupying more floor space. 

For more information on different conveyor systems, reach out to us at Norpak Handling. We have been providing businesses throughout Canada with top-of-the-line roller conveyors, belts, and other conveyor equipment for decades. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can craft highly customized material handling solutions specific to your business requirements.

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