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4 Essential Safety Features In A Conveyor

4 Essential Safety Features In A Conveyor

May 17, 2024

Conveyor systems are the bedrock of material handling across multiple industries. Be it roller conveyors, belt conveyors, or chain conveyors, all contribute to the efficient transportation of goods. However, all conveyors also require a few fundamental safety features to prevent workplace mishaps and to reduce any potential downtime. To this end, these 4 safety features are absolutely essential.

Conveyor Safety Features

Conveyor Guards

Conveyor guards are barriers placed across different areas of the conveyor that see heavy foot traffic. If a system requires manual assistance, then these guards ensure no worker faces risk when interacting with the transportation system. The main aim here is to keep hands and clothing away from moving parts of the conveyor system.

Emergency Stop Buttons

In the event that conveyor guards fail to work or there is a chance of a major hazard, the next step is to have emergency stop buttons. Workers on the floor can assess the situation firsthand and stop the conveyor operation if the occasion demands it. However, as mentioned, it is an emergency button so it is operated only under serious conditions.

Warning Systems For Conveyor Startups

Apart from shutting down the conveyor, workers must also be made aware if a stationary conveyor is being turned on. This is done via a warning system that informs technicians and workers to clear the area, thereby preventing any potential cause for injury or harm.

Sensors And Alarms

Sometimes, the objects on the conveyor system itself can get jammed, clogged, or fall off the line entirely, and it might not be possible to manually monitor the entire situation. This is where sensors come in handy. They can judge whether some malfunction has occurred in the conveyor and inform technicians accordingly. This can help in preventing major accidents and repairs and save precious downtime for a company. 

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