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4 Reasons To Choose A Multi-Strand Drag Chain Conveyor

4 Reasons To Choose A Multi-Strand Drag Chain Conveyor

May 09, 2024

Apart from roller conveyors and belt conveyors, chain conveyors are another class that finds prominence in material handling solutions. One of the aforementioned chain conveyors is the multi-strand drag chain conveyor. Comprising at least two chains supported by a rail, these chains are used to carry the load from one place to another. These specialty conveyors are highly beneficial for material handling, especially when it comes to pallets. 4 such merits are addressed in this blog.

4 Advantages Of A Multi-Strand Drag Chain Conveyor

Perfect For Handling Heavy Loads

Due to its robust nature, these chain conveyors can handle really heavy loads such as pallets. When it comes to pallets with an even, sturdy base, only two chains are enough for effective support and transportation.

Can Be Customized For Uneven Pallet

For pallet surfaces that are not stable or even, multi-strand drag chain conveyors can be customized accordingly. Instead of two chains, a third chain can be added to the middle to provide extra stability. This versatility is a major advantage over conveyor rollers where uneven surfaces don’t track well. 

Useful To Change The Direction Of The Pallet  

A curved conveyor might be unstable for heavy pallets. However, suppose its direction needs to be changed. In that case, a regular conveyor can be integrated with a drag chain conveyor, as it can safely transport the pallet in a perpendicular or straight direction. 

Can Be Used To Reverse Directions

Apart from changing direction, these conveyors can be used to completely reverse the direction of transportation if required. This, combined with its low maintenance features makes it an excellent material handling tool.

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