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4 Factors To Optimize Sorter Conveyor Investment

4 Factors To Optimize Sorter Conveyor Investment

July 24, 2023

Sorter systems in general conveyors are essential to separate or merge different products according to their shape, size and destination. This is a staple in the parcel industry and other similar sectors where segregating products safely and efficiently is a major concern. Therefore, before applying this system to a warehouse operation, it is important to understand 4 important factors that are required for selecting an optimal sorter for a conveyor machine.

How To Select A Sorter Conveyor?


What is the nature, shape and size of the products? Are they boxes, cartons, pallets, or something more unusually shaped? Depending on these factors, different types of sorters are considered optimal. Moreover, the weight of the products will also play a major role in this case.

Sortation Rate

The sortation rate of an operation can be determined by the dimensions of the object, how many products are sorted in a minute, and lastly, what should the distance be between two consecutive products. 

Total Footprint

Footprint can be defined as the area occupied by a sorter or general conveyor in a warehouse or factory. Depending on the nature of the products, the total footprint can be large or small. Ideally, if there is a spatial constraint, it's better to opt for sorters with a small footprint. But, if the product being conveyed is heavy and large, then it might require a large sorter which will evidently increase its footprint.


Lastly, there is the question of budget. The 3 factors stated above already determine the budget of the sorter to a large extent. However, if an operation requires extra features, then the budget might increase. Therefore, it is totally up to the company’s subjective budget for this operation.

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