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What Are 90-Degree Transfers In A Conveyor System?

What Are 90-Degree Transfers In A Conveyor System?

July 12, 2023

There are numerous varieties of conveyors used for material handling solutions. They use accessories such as conveyor belts, conveyor rollers, chains and more for efficient product handling. However, when it comes to transferring a product from one conveyor line to another, especially at a sharp angle, only a few solutions are available. One of them is the 90-degree transfer. In this blog, its primary mechanism and some advantages will be listed.

What Is A 90-Degree Transfer?

In essence, it is a form of connector or accessory between two conveyors, connecting them at a 90-degree angle. This allows for easy transfer of products at this perpendicular angle without slipping or tumbling, leading to better material handling. They are used majorly in packaging stations, assembly lines or inspection sectors within a warehouse. The next segment covers some benefits of opting for this 90-degree transfer.

Benefits Of 90-Degree Transfers

Improved Efficiency

Just by perfecting the transfer of goods between two conveyors, the efficiency of the overall operations can be improved. It can lead to an increased rate of transfer and a marked reduction in transportation time. This, in turn, improves the overall throughput of an operation.  

Improved Safety

First and foremost, by transferring products accurately with this device, the probability of sliding, toppling and consequently damaging the product is significantly reduced. Apart from this, it also reduces the chances of workplace injury on the floor, as employees no longer have to manually handle the heavy loads at awkward angles to transfer them onto another conveyor.

Economic Benefits

By reducing the chances of damaging the product or injuring the staff, the company using this transfer can save a significant amount of money in the long run. Moreover, the improved efficiency of the operation also translates to economic benefits.

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