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Debunking A Major Myth About Product Placement On Sliding Shoe Sorter

Debunking A Major Myth About Product Placement On Sliding Shoe Sorter

June 30, 2023

A conveyor machine uses a variety of tools and accessories to improve product handling and overall throughput. One such tool used a lot in recent years is a sliding shoe sorter. This consists of an aluminum shoe and slat that pushes products and sorts them from the rest. However, what many don’t consider is product placement as it comes into contact with the sorter. Moreover, there is a prevalent myth regarding product placement which is largely incorrect. This blog addresses this myth and debunks it with proper rationale.

Myth About Product Placement

The Myth

The popular notion is that the product should be placed as close to the shoe sorter as possible. This is, however, incorrect, as the correct way is to place the product as far away from the sorter as possible as long as it comes in contact. While it might seem counterintuitive, here are two reasons why products shouldn’t be placed near the shoe sorter.

Product Rotation

The prevalent idea is that the closer the product is to the sorter, the easier it will be to push it, ensuring a smooth transition. This holds true only for lighter products and adequate shoe speeds. For heavier products or those with unusual shapes, this configuration will likely result in product rotation, negatively impacting the sortation process. Alternatively, reducing the distance between the product and the conveyor’s edge will reduce the probability of rotation, thereby ensuring accurate sortation.

Constant Shoe Speed

In most cases, the speed of the shoe sorter will be uniform across the length of the conveyor. Unless a specialized mechanism is installed that enables the shoe to speed up during impact, the distance of the product from the conveyor’s edge holds little to no impact. This, combined with the variable of product rotation, makes placing the product away from the shoe sorter the better option. 

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