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Conveyor Rollers: Factors To Consider For Specialized Material Handling

Conveyor Rollers: Factors To Consider For Specialized Material Handling

June 27, 2023

Conveyor rollers are an important part of many material handling systems. They ensure even load distribution, efficient transportation, and little to no damage to the conveyed product. Choosing a conveyor roller relies on many factors like diameter, between frame width, axle size and more, which has already been addressed in a previous blog. What remains unclear, however, is how conveyor roller’s selection criteria may vary for specialized situations. To elaborate on this, some special cases will be explored in this blog.

Choosing Conveyor Roller For Special Cases

Conveying Paper

Paper is quite different from standard materials being conveyed like a carton or a pallet. It is more susceptible to damage when compared to conventional materials. Therefore, for this operation, these additional factors need to be considered:


Paper can be highly reactive when it comes in contact with the wrong surface. To prevent this, it is important to choose a suitable material. For instance, stainless steel can be a better choice for a conveyor roller than steel to reduce reactivity.

Wear And Tear:

The edges of paper are particularly sensitive to wear and tear. Hence, if it is transported on a conveyor where there is a steep arch between two consecutive rollers, then there is a high chance of the paper bumping into the roller. This will leave it damaged or torn. A solution here would be to reduce this arch between consecutive rollers and make it as straight and gentle as possible. 

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