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Depalletizers: Definition, Working Mechanism And Selection Criteria

Depalletizers: Definition, Working Mechanism And Selection Criteria

June 22, 2023

Material handling systems use a plethora of specialized tools to achieve desired throughput and accuracy. One of the most fundamental tools used is conveyor belts, conveyor rollers or chain-driven conveyors. Apart from this, some extra tools are also utilized, such as a sortation system, accumulation system and even a depalletizer. In this blog, the latter will be explored in detail.  

What Is A Depalletizer?

To understand depalletizer/depalletizing, it is first important to understand palletization. It is a process of loading products onto a pallet. Therefore, depalletization means unloading the products from the pallets and unstacking the pallets themselves. It is done using a depalletizer or a depalletizing system.

Working Mechanism

The working of a depalletizer involves one or multiple conveyor systems. First, the pallets are placed on a conveyor via a feed line. Then, once the stacked pallets reach an operating platform, the load is removed from the pallets. Next, the pallets are neatly stacked in a separate section and the products are placed onto another conveyor. This is just a basic working of the system, and it can be customized according to length, height and route.

Criteria For Selecting Depalletizers


Any automated process aims to increase its speed and efficiency, and the same holds true for depalletizers. 

Product Types

Is the type of material being unloaded a standard-shaped pallet or does it have a unique profile? In the case of the latter, the speed and efficiency of the machine might suffer.

Floor Space

The layout of the depalletizer is also dependent on the floor space. For instance, to save more space, a manufacturer must opt for a machine which occupies less space.

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