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4 Mounting Configurations Of Gravity Conveyor Rollers

4 Mounting Configurations Of Gravity Conveyor Rollers

January 30, 2023

Gravity conveyor rollers are essential components of gravity conveyor systems, used for carrying and transporting items on a flat surface. With their low friction design, these rollers enable a smooth movement of goods over long distances. There are 4 primary mounting configurations for conveyor rollers, which will depend on the type of product being conveyed. In this blog post, these 4 mounting configurations will be examined in detail. 


Types Of Conveyor Roller Mounts


Spring-loaded Shaft

Spring-loaded shafts are used to provide tension and support for the conveyor roller. In this configuration, the shaft is spring-loaded and mounted on the frame of the conveyor, which contains the corresponding hole. Hence, the shaft is essentially pressed and released into the frame. 


Female Tap

As the name suggests, in this configuration, the roller comprises a female tap or indentation. The frame can have corresponding male taps, which are then fastened with the aid of welding or using bolts. For conveyors with a large number of rollers, this can be a time-consuming process.


Across Flat

This is where the roller is mounted perpendicular to the frame of the conveyor. In this case, the roller conveyor is mounted on the slots present in the conveyor frame. The two are then attached with the help of an L-shaped bracket. This method is the fastest way to mount rollers.

Female Tap + Across Flat

In this configuration, the rollers have a female tap whereas the frame also has a slot. The two are fitted together and tightened with the aid of spanners. It is also a time-consuming mounting process.

Gravity conveyor rollers are a great addition to any business that needs an efficient and reliable way of moving products. With the four mounting configurations available, one can choose which one best suits a particular application.

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