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5 Tools That Aid In Conveyor Maintenance

5 Tools That Aid In Conveyor Maintenance

March 10, 2024

Conveyors are a complex system with many moving parts. In this dynamic environment, it is easy to neglect the maintenance and performance of small parts until a major repair is required, thereby reducing throughput and efficiency. Therefore, maintenance is clearly a key factor in ensuring a smoothly functioning conveyor machine. In this blog, 5 primary tools are explored that aid in conveyor maintenance. 

Tools For Maintaining Conveyors

Belt Tension Gauge

This is a device used to properly time the tensioning in a conveyor belt. Of course, tensioning is extremely important when it comes to conveyor performance and operation, and timing the tensioning adjustment is equally important, which is made possible using a belt tension gauge.

Sorter Tool Set

This is a pair of tools designed to service and repair the shoe sorters in a chain conveyor. Comprising a flat pry bar and a curved pry bar, the flat pry bar lifts the chain and exposes the sorter. The curved pry bar supports the section of chain under which the sorter is located, so it can be serviced or repaired accordingly.

Center Drive Take-Up Tool

The center drive in a conveyor can also require tensioning. This is made possible with the help of a center drive take-up tool, which is a socket. This socket can be combined with a take-up rod to fulfill the aforementioned purpose.

Motor Coupler Gauge

This equipment is essential for changing motors or reducers that have a C-face adapter. Their primary function is to aid in properly spacing the shaft gears with respect to the motor flange. If the shafts are not placed properly apart, it can lead to binding and can cause unwanted noise and can potentially damage them. 

Pin Guide Alignment Bar

As the name suggests, a pin guide alignment bar is designed to fit into a pin guide section to ensure its proper alignment once the fasteners are in place.

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