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3 Ways To Prevent Side-By-Side Accumulation

3 Ways To Prevent Side-By-Side Accumulation

March 05, 2024

In the previous blog, the 4 major problems plaguing a distribution center pertaining to accumulation were addressed. Of course, when cartons or products come side-by-side on a conveyor line, they can be solved using a singulator. However, they may not be very effective in many cases. Therefore, it's best to prevent this problem altogether. In this blog, Norpak Handling, a manufacturer of quality roller conveyors, conveyor belts, and other specialized material handling systems, explores three methods to prevent side-by-side accumulation.

How To Prevent Clogging The Conveyor Line?

Keep A Limit On Speed

While increasing the speed of a conveyor during operation might lead to increased throughput on paper, in reality, the high speed will contribute to side-by-side congestion. This is because, at high speeds and inconsistent packages, the parcels can bounce off of the conveyor’s surface. This is especially the case for roller conveyors. Furthermore, pausing the conveyor for accumulation will also the packages to slide forward at high speeds. Therefore, the speed of the conveyor needs to be monitored.

Use Brakes For Accumulation

While zero-pressure accumulation conveyors are excellent for accumulating, they might need extra help at high speeds. Brakes are a great accessory to add in such conveyors, as they can bring the packages to a hard stop and prevent any skidding. 

Justify The Products

The best way to prevent side-by-side drift is to justify the product. There are three ways to do so:

- Justify products on a single side only by utilizing single-side merge.
- Use side merges for multi-lane merging to keep them aligned.
- Square the cartons along the length of the frame by implementing skewed rollers after merge points.

To know more about other types of conveyors and customized material handling solutions, reach out to us at Norpak Handling. We will be happy to provide extensive consultations to ensure you choose the best conveyor belts or conveyor rollers for your particular operations.

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